Access to primary care affects the health of Deaf people

A familiar story and I particularly love the top ten tips at the end!

Taken from British Journal of General Practice (2015)

‘On Wednesday, Hazel (a Deaf British Sign Language user) felt unwell at work. She went to a walk-in clinic, where she had to communicate with the nurse by writing notes (there were no interpreters on call). Hazel can read, but like many Deaf people this is at a basic level. The nurse diagnosed a problem with her knee but told her to go to her GP, which Hazel did first thing on Thursday, but had to sit around for a couple of hours to be seen. Again, as there was no interpreter at short notice, she had to tell the GP about her ‘stiffness’ on her left side by writing. She could not follow what the doctor was saying except ‘she should go to hospital’ to be checked. She went to the emergency department………….more

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